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K-9 Angels charity single is out now!!

HOW EXCITING !! The K-9 Angels charity single and video featuring Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering is out now and available for download on iTunes (Click Here).

We were so lucky to have a Hollywood actor Ian Ziering on board who is a big animal lover - me and Ian met on Twitter and became good friends. He is a great guy and his lovely wife Erin rescued two dogs, one of them is featuring in this video as well. We had zero budget and time to make this video so I called friends in LA who I knew graduated film school and they hooked up with Ian to film few beach scenes in Los Angeles. They later sent it to us and we were able to include it in London footage.

All profits from single sales AND Youtube hits will go directly to K-9 Angels with no profits incurred to any individuals involved in the production. No costs were incurred during the making of this single & accompanying video. All filming and recording was done voluntarily in aid of K-9 Angels.



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